So called Affordability Maps have just been relased and I’ve been asked for my comments.  On Friday I joined Paul Chapman from BBC South on Basingstoke Station to be interviewed and we have also discussed them on BBC Radio Surrey,… Continue reading

41% of you suggest that distance to work and commuting time is very important, 24% say it’s really important and 35% say it is important for your sense of Quality of Life….so I know it matters to you, our readers.… Continue reading

I take it you’re a property junkie like me – and even better one who loves looking at life changing opportunities….well here you have one – secluded but not remote, close to good schools, far away from London to be… Continue reading

I am just loving all that this recipe conjures up don’t you…..huge thanks to the lovely Gigi Allen of G A Property for giving us a window into the 21st Birthday Party that is coming up soon and we will… Continue reading

The Art Stable - I even love the name of this place. Situated in the courtyard of an organic farm next door to a farm shop and cafe, perfectly located for a gentle amble to the Hill Fort Hambledon Hill.  Set… Continue reading

My experience of moving out of London is probably not unique but it did lead me into building my business and  has thrown me well and truly into the deep end of schooling!

For those, that like me thought you… Continue reading

We’d love to help Channel 4 with their research – do you live around Hackney or know anyone around there who has experienced the price rises in the area…..please drop me a note and I’ll put you in touch.

Housing… Continue reading

Estate Agents often come under fire and I know that lots of you are in the process of dealing with them whilst buying and selling your homes.

I was very impressed by the recent videos that Knight Frank have produced.… Continue reading

How many of us have been on holiday and dreamt of moving to that place….well here is an inspiring story from someone who did it!


We came to Norfolk for a holiday in October 1995 and I spent a… Continue reading

The second in our series when you’re in need of some inspiration features Petersfield in Hampshire, written by one of our members, with thanks to Katy Bishop.

I moved from London in 2001 and now live in Petersfield,… Continue reading